Runes of the elder Futhark

Runes of the elder Futhark

The Anglo-Saxon Futhark added nine extra runes and some alternate forms of the runes that are found in the Elder Futhark. Several of the runes take on slightly different forms.
Os (Ansuz) takes on a slightly different form with the addition of upward lines, while Aesc is the form that was Ansuz and Ar and Aes are added to the end of the Futhark

Is Ansuz or „Os“ in the Anglo-Saxon futhark Ac phonetic value „a“ Oak Tree
Aesc Phonetic value „a“ as in „at“
Ash tree, or primal human material
Yr Phonetic value „un“ gold decoration
Primal human material
Ior Phonetic value „io“ serpent
Midgard serpent
‚Ear Phonetic value „ao“ or „eo“
Cweorth Phonetic value „ao“ or „oe“
Calc Phonetic value „k“
chalk, cup, or crystal goblet
Stone Phonetic value „st“
stone, or altar stone
Gar Phonetic value „g“
Spear, Odhinn’s spear

This series was written by Valkyrie* and posted originally on Runes/Asatru on PODS. The names, primary definition and sound assignment are from Edred Thorsson’s books on runes, Futhark, At the Well of Wyrd and Runelore. Other sources and personal experience have been drawn on for the discussions.

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