Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC   raidho   wagon
GO       raidha   wagon, ride
OE       radh       riding, way
ON      reidh      riding, chariot

rad/raed wheel/vehicle
A cosmic chariot, solar chariot, the wheel of stars
A chariot of a god or goddess
Estatic journey

Phonetic value „r“

Rhythm and movement are important to the concept of Raidho. The sound and dance of the estatic traveler who is carried on a circular journey. The spiral journey of the sun on it’s annual course from North to South and back, as in the journey of Nerthus and Freyr’s processions. It is the wheeling of stars around the cosmic axis. It can be thought of as the chariot of Thor or Freya or any other cosmic „transportation.“ As the chariot is primal forces controled by conscious thought. It can mean a possible or necessary journey in a reading, or transportation. It can mean a path or road, a way through a dilema. It can be a journey in consciousness, or a change in viewpoint.