Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC   kenaz     torch
GO       kusma   swelling
OE       cen          torch
ON      kaun       sore, boil


{The Gothic and Old Norse names are
„secondary“ according to Thorsson,
internal fire, inflammation, etc.
The terms were drawn from rune poems.

It is the flame of transformation and regeneration. It is associated with kin and the sacred fires of sexual generation as well as the „kith and kin“ who gather around the hearth. It is the flame of the forge, the volcano and deep earth energies. It is the controlled flame of the artist and craftsman. It „breaks out“ in unexpected ways, and holds the power to create and/or destroy. It is a primal force of creation, in the myths it is fire and ice that produce the life force. Ken in English and kennen in German are also terms meaning „to know.“ They are also realted to OE Cen, „to know“ or „to beget.“ It is a fire that is expressed in physical forms, and knowledge that although intuitive is obtained through physical means and experience. Magically it can bring about change, or effect a transformation, or create. It must be used carefully and in a controlled manner or it will break out with destructive results. In divination It can be a symbol of a sexual relationship or the product of that relationship. It can be a craft or a creative outlook. It can be the „barrier“ that must be crossed to reach the inner secrets of the shaman or hero on his journey through the labryinth darkness.