Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC     Tiwaz     the god Tyr
GO         Teiws    the god Tyr
OE         Tir           the god Tyr (OE Tiw) glory
ON        Tyr          the god Tyr

A spear point, or arrow. A guiding star.

Phonetic value: ‚t“

The T-rune is primarily one of justice since Tyr is the Norse god who presided at the _thing_, (the Germanic general assembly). Judgement was not always arrived at by discussion, judgement by arms was a common concept to the Norse/Germanic cultures. It is associated with the idea that „justice will prevail.“ The Old English Rune Poem, says Tir is a star, it keeps its faith well. It is always on its course over the mists of night. It is represents the guiding principles which are steadfast and can be relied on to judge one’s position. Magically it can be invoked where justice should be done. In divination it will mean judgement, matters of law, decisions, or guidance.