Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC     wunjo:     joy
GO        winja:       pasture
OE        wynn:       pleasure, delight
ON       vend:        (a rune name) joy, hope

(not in the younger row)

Phonetic value: w

Happiness and joy, glory. The battle well-fought and won. A wand. Prosperity and good fellowship. Peacefullness. There is a term in Anglo-Saxon, _wuldortanas_, which is „glory twigs.“ which many experts associate with the rune. It is especially good in bind runes for ensuring victory. ON _vend_or Vindr, „Wind.“ As such wynn, or vend, can be visualized as a wind-vane, which shows „which direction the wind is blowing.“ Wend, also means to change the direction of something, to turn or to run with or against the wind. To change one situation into another, is another use of Wunjo both magically and in divination.